blessing your life

Through out the history of the church even before the birth of Christ bestowing a blessing upon things has been a long standing tradition. It is our belief that though the practice has been left behind to an extent in more recent years that this is still something that applies as much today as it did even as far back as early in Genesis.

It would be our pleasure and our honor to be invited by you and allowed to come to you where ever you may be at in life. Whether it's the birth of a child, praying a blessing upon a special pet, your home or even the car you use just to get to and from work.

Historically blessings have been prayed over many things. The one that most people are familiar with is of course praying the blessing over a meal, though it does not need to be limited to just that. At one point it was common practice here in the local area to have blessings prayed over work animals such as mules and horses or herds so that the lords protection and grace could be bestowed upon it when it was first acquired and even annually after that. This not only is us asking for the blessings of God in our life but also a demonstration that we acknowledge the one true God and Lord Most High.

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