Text Giving

Text Give to 406-708-8880

Video Instructions

Written Instructions:

  1. For your first time click "Sign In" then "Register for an Account."
  2. Complete the registration for your secure pin. 
  3. Select the fund, enter the donation amount and payment information. Tap "Save Payment" to use it for future gifts.

Afterwards, you can simply text an amount to our text-giving number. (Ex: text "50" to the number above to give to the general budget). 

Giving to a Specific Fund:  

Add a Fund Keyword to your text (below).  (Ex: text "50 building" to give $50 to the building fund).

  • Building   (Building Fund)
  • Fellowship   (Fellowship Fund)
  • Fishers   (Fishers of Men)
  • Camp   (Camp Fund)

Other Text Commands:

  • Edit - Update your account & payment information.
  • Keyword - See a list of Fund Keywords you can give towards.
  • Refund - Make a mistake? Refund your last gift! (15 minute expiry).